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Cindy Moore – Thank You Letter

Dear Jed,

It was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday.  I’m pleased to know my son, Scott is friends with such a fine young man.  It’s good for Scott to have such a positive and supportive friend.

It was also so kind of you to take the time to come over and bring the Jazzy Power Chair. I look forward to using it.  It will give me some added freedom to be able to travel around.

I will need Scott’s help, until I can feel confident to use it on my own. I want to thank you so very much for your kindness & patience, when showing me how to use the chair, and transfer in and out of it. The lumbar cushion you added makes it very comfortable.

Jed, I also want to thank you for the use of The Bed Cane. The Bed Cane has been very helpful, when I need to get up out of bed.  I still need to strengthen my upper body strength so I can pull myself up easier. Before, I only had the table next to my bed to grab onto. The Bed Cane is a strong handle that I can grab and pull myself up.

You are very knowledgeable and you know what a person with a disability needs. You gave me tips on how to use the power chair, and how to safely get up. I still need some help with getting up, but I’m hopeful that I can improve that.  I always say: “Don’t ever give up!

Jed, thank you again for all of your time, help, generosity and kindness. The Bed Cane and Jazzy Power Chair, make my life with MS a little easier.


Cindy A. Milone

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