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Aida Shabazz – Thank You Letter

October 14, 2012

Ability Medical Supply

Sunrise, FL 33351


Att: Mr. Jed Golding

Dear Jed:

As you probably know, my power chair froze on me on Tuesday evening, about 11:00p.m. I was stuck and I couldn’t get down. I called Charlie hoping that he could give me some instruction over the phone. Charlie proceeded to ask me about the color of the screen. I told him it fluctuated between the blue screen ans a white screen stating that it was idle. And, I might add my speech is impaired and hardly intelligible. At this time he asked me, if I minded if he came over and asked me if I could let him in. I told him I couldn’t get off the chair but I had a friend coming over. I told him I would call him when she was on her way.

I was floored because no techs, no repairmen, and no mechanics offer a service visit after 6:00p.m; much less after 11:00pm. He came took care of the problem as well as handled other issues the chair had. He didn’t rush through the repair process; he was not in a bad mood either.

When my chair first broke, he was the tech that showed up and brought me loaner. I was totally unhappy with the performance off the loaner; he came over again and brought my chair with temporary parts. I insisted on my old control because the control seemed to be damaged. He came back on Saturday afternoon and installed my old control. I should have known then, that he was a special person.

In my opinion Charlie Santiago is a unique and special individual. He is not only a competent tech but a caring and compassionate person, as well. And my belief is that he should be doubly compensated for his Saturday visit as well as his 11:15p.m visit. It is people like Charlie that will keep people like me, a forever customer.

Please give a copy of this letter to the owner or the President of Ability Medical Supply. I tried to find it online, but to no avail.

Sometimes we say thank you for jobs well done but the powers that be, have no idea of the little things, but significant, that go on behind the scene.

Thank you Jed for all your help, you as well are a special being.


Aida Shabazz

Pembroke Pines, FL


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