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Street Corpus Power Wheelchairs by Permobil

Street Corpus Power Wheelchairs by Permobil

Product Description

Freedom of Expression.

With its rear-wheel drive, our fastest motors and a rugged modern design, Street issues a challenge which is ready and equipped for life in the city.

Street Corpus has been fitted with a new type of column lift, which raises the seat a fullĀ 10 inches. The ergonomics of the Corpus seat guarantee a comfortable and restful life and can be fitted with all supplementary functions including the Uni-Track accessories system.

  • Street has a robust chassis which has no problem negotiating narrow gaps. The rear-wheel drive means that the chair maintains its impressive driving performance even at high speed, reaching an impressive maximum of 7.5 MPH.
Top speed—-7.5 Mph
Range—-15-22 Miles
Ground clearance—2.4 Inches