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F5 Front Wheel

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Product Description

The F5 Corpus features an array of advancements to help increase the stability of the chair for a smooth, comfortable ride, including: a smaller footprint with an improved center of gravity, a more rigid chassis, fully independent oil-dampened suspension and a lower seat-to-floor height. The new three-point tilt and elevator system provides solid stability and performance. The standard 7.5 mph motor package with improved torque allows users to easily navigate obstacles at any speed. Options include: black tires with more aggressive tread patterns, chrome accents and two additional color options.

The CORPUS® SEATING SYSTEM. We retained all of the things that you have come to expect from the legendary Corpus seating system like the arc legrests, the open armrest design and the UniTrack System. Then, we took the Corpus seating system to the next level with advanced features such as: the 14” seat elevator and the A/P tilt function, which allows for optional 10°, 20° and 45° of anterior tilt, while maintaining 50° of posterior tilt. The A/P tilt helps our users with transfers, added reach, and allows them to get closer to a table or workspace.




A true fully independent suspension allows the F5 Corpus to absorb everyday terrain and obstacles with minimal translation to the end user.


The new seat elevator utilizes 3 points of contact and shifts the seat rearward as it elevates to maintain an unimaginable level of stability even at full elevation. This allows individuals to get closer to tasks while providing almost twice as much elevation twice as fast.


The lower Seat-to-Floor height on the new F-Series means an improved accessibility to your world.






With a variety of trim colors and an aggressive tread upgrade option, your new ride is sure to turn heads.

Galactic Green

Midnight Black

Ocean Blue

Power Pink

Radiant Red

Sunburst Orange



F5 Front Wheel Specifications

Maximum User Weight300 lbs136 kg
Maximum Speed Options7.5 MPH12 km/h
Driving Range (1)16 miles26 km
Base Width25.5″648 mm
Base Length38″965 mm
Minimum Turning Radius30″762 mm
Ground Clearance3″ 75 mm
Optional Seat Elevator14″350 mm
Battery Type
Group 34 Gel
Drive Electronics
120A R-net
Seat to Floor Height (Elevator)17.5″350 mm
(Seat Tube)17.5″, 18.5″, 19.5″445, 470, 495 mm
Tilt Options (Power)
0° — 50° Posterior
5°, 10°, 20°, 45°
Recline Options (Power)
85º-120°  (manual), 85º-180° (power)
Legrest Elevation
85°  – 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths10″, 13″, 16″ & 18″
Seat Widths17″ – 23″ (by 2″ increments)420 – 570 mm
Seat Depths14″ – 22″ (by 1″ increments)370 – 570 mm
Backrest Heights20″, 23″ – 28″ (by 1″ incr.)505, 580-710 mm