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AMIGO HD450 3-Wheel Scooter by Amigo

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Product Description


Designed to provide a comfortable mobility solution for larger-framed individuals. All the wonderful features of our popular RD plus the enhanced features of a 4” longer platform and 2” longer handle will ensure added comfort. Other standard features include a Larger Seat with an Extended Seat Lock and 450 lb. weight capacity. Experience first hand how Amigo products can accommodate your mobility limitations and provide you with a comfortable solution with greater flexibility and fewer restrictions. Do more, see more, experience more. Let the Amigo HD450 offer you a world of activity!

    Extended seat lock with bend
    Steel, Painted, one-piece extended platform
    Dynamic, regenerative % elctromagnetic brakes
    EZ-Tilt handle w/ HI/LO speed controls
    Taller-framed individuals 6’0" and over will enjoy the extra stretch room
    4" longer platform and 2" longer handle combine for that "extra" benefit to you
    Maintenance-Free drive system, completely self-contained, leadk-free, no muss-no fuss
    Onboard diagnostics gives a heads-up on service issues
    Automatic break releast (TouchTron handle) Press it twice and you’re able to move the Amigo manually

Optional TouchTron Handle: Includes speed control, speed indicator, battery indicator, battery gauge and horn

HI/LO Handle: Includes speed control and battery indicator

Optional Smart Sensor: During sensor activation, the Amigo POV/scooter is safely limited to a top speed of 2.3 mph indoors and designed to avoid pedestrian impact. Detecting an individual up to 30 inches ahead, the system gently slows forward speed bringing the driver to a gradual stop safe from impact.

The Shabbat Controller: Orthodox Jewish Law states that one cannot perform work on the Shabbat. This also is to include the use of electricity. The use of electricity is prohibited because it serves the same function as fire or some of the other prohibitions, or because it is technically considered to be "fire". The partnership of the Zomet Institute and Amigo Mobility now enables the handicapped to be able go to the Synagogue on the Shabbat. Each Shabbat Amito is inspected by a representative of the Zomet Institute, labeled and shipped out certified by Zomet.

186 lbs. (with batteries)
Weight Capacity
500 lbs.
Seat Depth
Seat Width
16″ or 18″
Chair Length
Backrest Height
Seat-to-Floor Height
Chair Height
Chair Width
24″, 26″
Rear Wheel Height
Folded Width