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2GX Manual Wheelchair by Tilite

2GX Manual Wheelchair by Tilite

Product Description

Technology Engineered to Empower.

The TiLite 2GX is hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium. Why titanium?

  • Because titanium has no equal when it comes to dampening vibrations caused by riding over rough or uneven surfaces. This means superior comfort for the user during many hours of use.
  • Because titanium’s weight is about one-half that of the aluminum used in most wheelchairs. This means that a completely assembled 2GX is more than 15% lighter than its aluminum sibling, the Aero X.
  • Because titanium is incredibly strong. This means the 2GX will shake off years of abuse.

One-Piece Side Frames 
TiLite builds the 2GX with one-piece side frames. We also build our rigid chairs with one-piece side frames. Other manufacturers build their folding chairs with two- or three-piece side frames that are bolted together, leading to flex, squeaks and loss of energy. One-piece side frames increase performance by reducing flex and increasing durability. 

Tru-Fit System
The 2GX features TiLite’s Tru-Fit Component System – comprised of the Rigid Folding Mechanism, Adjustable Bullet Front Caster Housing and Curved Axle Plate. Instead of bolting through frame-weakening holes, Tru-Fit System components clamp directly onto the side frames. The Tru-Fit System eliminates one of the main stress points on today’s wheelchairs by reducing the number of holes in the frame by 50%. In addition, the Tru-Fit System allows for infinite adjustability of its components since there is no need to line up components with pre-drilled holes. This design innovation also greatly improves the durability of the 2GX frame.

NEW “Easy-Fold” Rigid Folding Mechanism (RFM)
TiLite’s exclusive Rigid Folding Mechanism cross tube design “RFM”, just got even better!  The new “Easy-Fold” enhancement now makes the RFM much easier to fold without sacrificing ride or comfort!
The Easy-Fold RFM’s design allows TiLite to use one-piece side frames in its newest line of folding chairs. This innovation increases performance and enhances durability because the side frames are welded together – not bolted. In addition, the Easy-Fold RFM cross tubes secure to the bottom frame tube by clamping over it. This keeps the bottom pivot point in line with the frame, allowing the chair to fold as narrowly as possible. 

Snap-In Seat Saddles
TiLite’s RFM cross tubes also feature snap-in seat saddles that lock the cross tubes into place, helping the 2GX achieve rigid chair performance.

Adjustable Bullet Caster
TiLite’s exclusive Bullet Caster Housing was created by designing an integral frame component with two goals in mind; low weight and elegant looks. Plus, the adjustable version of the Bullet Caster Housing found on the 2GX provides 15 degrees of forward and rearward adjustment. This allows you to square the casters even with the most aggressive seat slopes. Like many of TiLite’s innovations, the Bullet Caster design reduces the weight of the chair. Sometimes simple really is better.

Curved Axle Plate
TiLite’s Curved Axle Plate allows for the greatest range in center of gravity adjustment and rear seat height adjustment.

Fixed or Swing Away Front End
The 2GX is available with either a fixed or a swing away front end. The hangers are removable when swung in or out 15 degrees from the locked position. The swing in or out feature of the removable front hangers on the 2GX facilitates transfers in tight spots, like a restroom or a car.

Machined Camber Plugs
The TiLite 2GX utilizes machined plugs to create rear wheel camber. Other manufacturers use washers to create rear wheel camber. The use of machined camber plugs precisely aligns the 2GX’s rear wheels, allowing the chair to consistently track straight.

TiLite in Color?
The TiLite 2GX is now available with a Satin or Polished titanium finish or in one of 17 painted frame colors. Whether you are looking for subtle, bright, or just plain cool, now there is a TiLite look for you. Mix and match TiLite’s frame and accessory colors on the Color Configurator.